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Challenge Date
Please choose a date at least 24 hours in advance and between the hours of 12:00pm and 5:00pm.
I grant permission for Big Mamma's Burritos to use photos taken during my Mega Mamma Challenge including those which include my likeness for use in advertising and social media posts.* Please see "Media Consent" under Rules and Guidelines below.

What is the Mega Mamma Challenge?

One Burrito. One Hour. One Try.

  • $25 to participate.  Charged in store at time of scheduled challenge.  
  • Free water or soft drink.
  • You build a BYOB 5lb burrito containing one (1) starch, one (1) protein, and one (1) sauce.
  • You have one (1) hour to eat the burrito. This will be timed by an official Big Mamma’s Burritos Staff Member.

All Mega Mamma Challenge Champions Receive

  • Original $25 refunded
  • Official Mega Mamma Challenge Champion T-Shirt
  • A place on our Wall of Champions

Rules and Guidelines

  • Challenge must be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice.
  • 12-5pm is the only window available for the challenge.
  • The burrito must have one (1) starch, one (1) protein, and one (1) sauce.
  • Burrito must be eaten in its entirety within 1 hour of challenge start time.

*Media Consent